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The West Plains covered in frost.

Small Sample of Fall in Greenbluff WA

Its been nice and dry in the Spokane area the last couple of weeks. Now right after Halloween its starting to get wet and the sky is looking like snow is coming soon. Here are a few pictures that I took last weekend in Greenbluff, just north of Spokane.




My Beautiful Daughter Cassie’s Senior Year

Senior pictures of my daughter Cassie. She is growing up to be a wonderful young lady.
Portrait Gallery

Taylor, senior year …

Portrait Gallery Pictures

This is Taylor, my daughters best friend,  she and her family were kind enough to hire me to take her senior portraits.  THANK YOU !!!!!!

Cool Ride …

Cool Ride ...

This last week I was fortunate enough to be able to get a shot of my brother and his toy.

Wheatland Baseball on the West Plains

An awesome shot of a pitcher during an opening weekend game of Wheatland Little League in Davenport, WA.  This league consists of several teams in the Lincoln County area of Eastern Washington. I’ll be adding more pictures as the season progresses.
Wheatland Baseball Action Shots Gallery.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

It seems like they come from out of nowhere immediately after a long rain. Rarely do I ever see them at this location. It was quite a startling treat.

Melting snow in Spokane

Melting snow in Spokane

Sunlight slicing through any opening in the trees that it can to melt the snow and ice. We have had a few weeks of snow on the ground in the Spokane area and it’s beginning to melt. It still won’t get nice around here until the end of June.

Happy Retirement Larry

Happy Retirement Larry

I have had the pleasure of working with Larry for the last seven years. He has helped me out a few times with advice on a few topics as well as rescuing me when I drained my car battery during lunch. This picture was taken on his last day at work. He is now retired and I wish him good luck in his future endeavors. Elliott’s Photography

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